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February 2011 - The collaborative effort of the Nubular team and Microsoft has produced NuGet. [WWW] At some point we plan to sunset Nu in favor of Nu v2 (NuGet).



The Ruby community has enjoyed a great user experience with a package management system they use called Gems. A gem is a package (or a library), compressed with some additional metadata, and can be either source files or binaries. Let’s focus on binary gems. We have the same concept in .NET (DLLs/EXEs). You may have references to other DLLs. When you want to update a reference you are using on a project, you may also need to update its dependencies as well. And so on and so forth. A package management project is meant to help make that easier. How do you get open source releases down to your project so that you can use them? How do you get the products down to your computer so that you can use them?

The Nu Project provides a framework and tools to deal with the current .NET package delivery problems, namely:

Speed The process is amazingly streamlined. We are talking seconds as compared to minutes of time to get something. I can now concentrate on what I want to do instead of spending all the time I was on just getting the packages I needed.

The decision tree is reduced How many decisions did I have to make to get what I needed in the present scenario? How about the future scenario? Greatly reduced. Less choices to get what I want actually gets me to a decision faster.

I immediately see the dependency changes All of the dependencies that are required come along nicely with each package. Delivery will downgrade versions of other dependencies to the lowest common denominator and highlights any problems between dependencies using different versions. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it brings it to the surface and allows me to try something like binding redirects to correct them.

The process of upgrade became easier than use the current It actually becomes easier to upgrade to the latest version as compared to #2 (Use the current version). That will move people to upgrade, because people will choose the easiest path to get them on their way. And when everyone is using the latest version, everyone wins.


Nu is inspired by [WWW]bundler for Ruby.


Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)
Gem Publishers HOWTO
Current List of available packages
[WWW]Features/Bugs/etc. (YouTrack)
[WWW]Source Code (github)
[WWW]Mailing List/Discussions (Google Groups)


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